Have you been tempted by this sport that everyone is talking about? You are curious and want to gain in physical condition? Then you can push the door of a box, the name given to CrossFit ® gyms.

But what are the mistakes to avoid as a beginner, to live the best experience?

1- Choose the wrong box

More and more CrossFit ® gyms or boxes are opening their doors. There are certainly several of them near you. But how to choose the right one?

A gym is chosen according to certain criteria, like the choice of your restaurant.

Here are the criteria to take into account to choose your Functional Fitness gym:

  • the reviews on Google,
  • the phone reception received to inform you,
  • the number of athletes per coach (maximum 12 athletes per coach),
  • the availability of changing rooms with showers,
  • the presence of additional services for your comfort like a rest area, a small shop to buy an energy bar, … ,
  • a free access area to stretch after the session.

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives the essential points of comparison.

2- Wanting to go faster than the music

Once you have chosen your Cross Training studio, you can begin your training. Let the coach guide you, let him know that you are a beginner, and ask all the questions that come to mind.

You will probably see all your teammates (training companions) start with a steady pace or heavy loads.

The mistake would be putting a lot of weight on your bar or going too fast on the WOD (Workout Of the Day).

Before adding weights, you must progress technically, understand the movements and master them. Your first workouts will therefore be “empty bar”. It still weighs 15kg for women and 20kg for men… So it’s not that “empty”!

3- Forget about leaving your ego in the locker room

Yes, we are talking about fitness, yes there are muscular athletes, yes there are dumbbells. But don’t think that CrossFit ® is a sport where you look at yourself in the mirror, like bodybuilders.

CrossFit ® is practiced in groups, but the performance remains individual. You work out for yourself. The other members of the box can give you advice, support and encourage you.

The spirit of CrossFit ® is community, camaraderie, sharing and helping each other. An important point is to never give up. If the WOD is complicated, go slowly, at your own pace. But only stop when the time is up.

4- Being afraid to sweat

If you decide to walk through the door of a Cross Training gym, it’s because you are there to evolve. You have your own reasons and motivations. Whether it’s to build muscle mass, improve your cardio, or to let off steam after work, all reasons are good.

But the main thing is that you are there for the sport.

You’ll sweat, you’ll be red as a tomato, you might feel like throwing up if you go hard, but one thing is for sure, you’ll be proud to have done it!

5- Neglecting the pillars of good health

Don’t think that one workout is enough to call you athletic.

Or that taking a protein shake makes you an athlete.

Or that one glass of water is enough to hydrate your body for one session.

Or that 5 hours of sleep is enough to get you completely rested.

Obviously not. You want to improve your physical condition and therefore improve your health? Then remember that your body needs rest, hydration, nutrients and physical activity, in the right quantities.

Drink at least 3L of water a day on average (even if you are not thirsty)!

Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

Eat a balanced, varied and sufficient diet.

Move around at least 4 hours a week.

With all this advice and by listening to your coach, there is no doubt that you will progress very quickly!

Dormez au minimum 7h par nuit.

Mangez équilibré, varié et suffisamment.

Bougez au moins 4h par semaine.

Avec tous ces conseils et en restant à l’écoute de votre coach, il n’y a pas de doute, vous allez progresser très vite !